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How good it would be to have an own logo that we can put our photos, drawings or letters on, wouldn’t be? Such logo would be proper, which could become something like our trademark. If people would take a look at it, they knew right away that is our product or they get the letter from us. Why doesn’t have everybody a personal logo?

Concerning the own logo we have come up against lots of difficulty up to now. The primary problem was the financial background because the manufacturing of a logo could kick a pretty high amount.

Nowadays we don’t have to think about huge amounts evitably if we would like an own logo. The logo maker app makes this possible.

Logo maker programs – those were known up to now

It’s natural that this is not the first time the problem of logo making comes up, which was tried to be resolved by many in many different ways.

As a result of this we could encounter more logo maker programs on the internet, about which it turned out soon they cannot be used so easily. This problem was successfully eliminated by logo maker app.

To see the advantages of the Vintage Design logo maker app exactly, let’s see why the attempts up to now are not sufficient for you as a user.

Free logo maker

More companies advertise their product as you can get a free logo maker, but in all of the cases it turns out very fast they are not free in fact.

The most common when we get a demo version that it operates for few days, after that the program will ask for freshening that yet costs a massive amount of money.

Besides the makers found other solutions, too, how to advertise their pay product as free logo maker.

The second most common case when we get a free online surface where we can produce our own logo, but for its downloading we have to pay for each made logo.

That is also a common solution that although we can make the logo with the given logo maker program, we can download it, too, but its quality is so bad that it’s useless in fact.

Besides there are such solutions that the user believe a given program for free, but later it turns out that even a graphic commission would have been cheaper.

The logo maker app doesn’t promise freeness, but it’s so cheap – moreover all the hidden costs are impossible – that for all it’s worth downloading and using it.

Now its time has come for you to download the Vintage Design logo maker app for your iPhone devise. Click on the picture!

logo maker

The devices of logo maker

logo maker

Above the other logo maker programs were mentioned already, if we could call those programs like that at all, because they have problems not only with their sham freeness but also with their user device.

The most logo maker program can be used on online surface only, precisely because the downloading shouldn’t be too easy. They make possible on this way that we should pay for the made logo at all events. But there isn’t only one problem with this. The much bigger problem with this that a very strong hardwer is needed for some of them, without these they can’t be used.

Surely you know the feeling when you would like to use a program or application but in the middle of the work process the system has crashed and the unsaved works perish. This is the very problem with the other logo maker programs, too.

Then again the Vintage Design logo maker app that we offer for you right here, doesn’t require anything else only an iPhone device. No such hardware background is needed that is used by professional graphics, because we couldn’t use it in the daily routine anyway.

It’s apparent from this that the Vintage Design developed the logo maker application exactly for your demands.

Download the logo maker app and enjoy all the advantages of it!

logo maker

Own logo for everybody

How many times has it crossed your mind in your life that you would like an own logo? A couple of times for sure. And what inhibited you from this?

Most of the answers have financial nature, there is no wonder in it if we consider the prices of the graphics.

A very few people can afford the own logo for themselves, or it has been like this up to now.

Speaking of prices it’s worth mentioning the startups who would need the logo very much but beside all the obligatory expenses there is no money for this in most of the cases. For them there must be a solution that is cheap and comes in useful.

We could see above that the free logo maker programs aren’t free after all or if they are so, they can’t be used for too much. This gap is filled with the Vintage Design logo maker app that isn’t free but very cheap and you don’t need anything else for it, only an iPhone device.

Try it right now you, too!

logo maker

The problems of logo designing

In the previous lines we have already written about the most common cases when the logo maker is needed and makes a good service but we haven’t said all the possibilities yet.

logo maker

Those entrepreneurs face the problems of logo designing who has gone at the point where they can take the money for an own logo. We would think all the problems have gone with this because the graphic is professional, we tell our demands and the most beautiful logo gets ready that’s ever existed. But this rarely happens like this in effect.

Rather the contrary is the general. When we already have the price of a professional logo and have found the right specialist, that is only the first step. But the brunt only comes after this.

Obviously we have a conception what kind of logo we would like. We tell our conception to the graphic. We also write it in better case. Despite of that it is very common that we don’t get what we have imagined.

The reason is not always the graphic. It happens sometimes that we are not able to describe the picture existing in our mind exactly as we would like it or just we think that we were understandable. The result now that the made logo doesn’t match our concept.

It is so mainly in the case of the colors, because it is very difficult to specify a shade of color, but it can happen with the form and the layout, too. It isn’t rare either that everything takes shape according our visualization but it doesn’t have a good effect at all.

It is a big problem indeed and moreover we face this only at the point when we are in the thick of it already. We have already paid the graphic the deposit, we have spent hours with describing our demands and maybe we have already submitted an order in the printing house where they are waiting for the made logo, but to no avail.

Everybody would be nervous in such a situation but the problem is not with this or that man, only with that we try to define colors and forms with words.

Today this problem has become solved with the Vintage Design logo maker. We don’t have to describe our wish with words. We make the plan or the basic idea by logo maker, then based on that the graphic will know what kind of logo we would like.

We don’t have anything else to do than to download the logo maker and then to make the logo according to our concept. After this the graphic can make the logo for us right away which we will like indeed and was originally thought of.

Download the logo maker for your iPhone now and design your own logo in a matter of minutes!

logo maker